Thursday, September 27, 2012


I found Harvee listed in the classifieds on both and and went to have a look at him in early February 2012.

As bought:

As you can see, the green paint mentioned in the previous post is definitely in evidence!

He wasn't a happy bunny coming home, stalling under deceleration, wipers not working, and a few other old age issues - but we all have them!

We got the new title, and arranged for the personalized plates, and then it was time to delve properly into what we had bought!

For registration, I had to fix a broken driver's side front reflector:

I also fitted all-new vacuum hoses for the engine from, endeavoring to solve the idling issue

Somehow, with some tweaking, Harvee passed emissions after more than a month of tweaking!

Sounding sweet.......

For now.....

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