Thursday, September 27, 2012


Harvee the Wonder Bus is a 1979 VW 7-seater Microbus, purchased in the San Francisco area by his first owner. Although he has changed a bit now, originally he would've looked something like this:

The actual color scheme is LE1M (Mexico Beige) on the upper body, roof and bumpers, with L20B (Brilliant Orange) on the lower body.

Every bus has what is called an M-plate - this is a code for when a vehicle was produced, what options it came with, which port it was delivered to, etc.  Harvee's is here:

He stayed with the original owner until 2000/1, when he was donated to the Salvation Army. In the meantime, he'd been painted green and had two glass sunroofs fitted in about 1989, and the engine was re-built in 1995/6, when a replacement catalytic convertor was added also.

The engine re-build was probably handled by the now-defunct Gandalf's Garage of South San Francisco, as the 1996 and 1998 California emissions test took place there.  Harvee's last emissions test under the original owner's care was in Pacifica, CA.

His next emissions test was back in San Francisco in 2002, and there also stickers confirming two services on Eddy St, in San Francisco the same year.

That's all I know so far, up until I bought him in February 2012 - I do know that there were two other owners in California, and I think that he moved to Utah a couple of years later. 

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