Friday, September 28, 2012

Open-heart surgery

With the dropped valve seat, and signs of other valve seats also on the verge of dropping, plus what looked like blow-by on the pistons, it was time for a rebuild.

Funnily enough, the original owner had the engine rebuilt after 16 years and this re-build was after the same time period!

A vast list of items were procured for the engine re-build, and other things that could be done while the engine was out:

2 x cylinder heads
4 x pistons and cylinders
4 x fuel injectors
Camshaft followers
Engine seals
Rod bearings
Clutch cable
Accelerator cable
Fuel lines
Fuel vapor hoses
Fuel cap seal
Fuel tank inlet hose
Shift rod coupler
Shift rod bushings

It all took a few weeks to do, what with getting the pieces in form suppliers etc, but it all came together in the end, and I picked Harvee up on 20th July 2012!

Of course, there's always something - in this case I was taking Gininda to work in Harvee and we could suddenly smell gas, which isn't a nice moment! Luckily we were right by her work, so pulled into the parking lot and checked the engine bay - gas spraying out of the fuel line!  I quickly shut off the engine and the flow stopped - called a tow truck and back he went to the garage!

They checked it over and found that a piece of fuel hose wasn't quite long enough, so they replaced it with a longer bit and clamped it on fully.  Sorted!

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