Friday, September 28, 2012

First trip - July 22, 2012

We had to get somewhere between 300 and 500 miles on the engine before they could check that the cylinder head bolts were tight, so we took a trip to Evanston, WY, going up I-15 and across on I-84 and I-80, then back down through the canyons.

All went well, and a first fill up of just under 18mpg was right in the ballpark for where it should be!

And yes, the puppies really enjoy the ride!

Apparently, the breeze coming out of the fresh-air vent was very enticing to Loki, our Shih-Tzu

This trip took Harvee's new engine into the required mileage range, so he went back in for the heads to be re-torqued - just a couple days before we left on a trip to Lake George, CO!

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